How to Upgrade OpenSSH and Disable SSLv3.0, TLSv1.0, & Weak Encryption for PCI Compliance

Since June of 2015 Trustwave and others have begun failing e-commerce sites that previously had been passing their monthly PCI security audits.  Apparently it’s no longer ok to let people access your site who are running IE 10 and older, Android 4.3 and older, OS X 10.8.4 and older, or a long list of others.  While this software may not be THAT old, it’s old enough that it doesn’t work with the latest security protocols & ciphers, and so when you lock-down your site to support only the most secure stuff, you’ll end up blocking those folks on older platforms from visiting your site. But what can you do? Unless that minority of visitors on older technology is bringing in enough revenue to justify the cost of not being PCI compliant (if that’s even an option with your payment processor), it has to be done.  (Unfortunately, these people who try to visit your newly locked-down site will usually just get a generic error page from their browser saying the site couldn’t be found, so they’ll never know that the site is alive and well and they just need to update their software! Oh well…)

So, if you want to pass your PCI certification and keep Trustwave’s TrustKeeper PCI Manager (among others) happy, how can you do it? Here’s what worked for me…   Read more

How to Change Shortcut Icons in Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the distribution of Linux that most people try first, when they’ve grown tired of Microsoft Windows and want to try a free alternative. As such, it has quickly become the most popular Linux distribution (“distro”) available (which is saying something, since there are hundreds). It’s built on another massively popular distro called Ubuntu, but has more stuff pre-installed and configured for immediate use. Also, with a taskbar & start menu at the bottom of the screen, it looks & feels relatively similar to the Windows that most people are familiar with – which can make it hard to think outside of the box that you’ve been working in your whole life.  Read more